NOVEMBER 22 /// 2011

stared up to see what the longest slide in the world is. couldn’t fathom one even close in the outer realm to how drawn out and stringily, toweringly, sustained it is on the inside. this slipping slide. yet. apparently there are mountain-sized slides. that is at least an image that illudes closer in thought. yet. honestly. still tinker-toy child’s play.

NOVEMBER 21 /// 2011

sometimes your entire sea shifts; corridors appear out of the swells; ocean currents run like wet colors; fed by river waters, fed by mountain snow; feed on little fish; its hard to see sometimes, when you’ve totally lost your way. ///// it was in california; there was a whale in a river, feeling trapped, pacing in circles under a bridge; hordes of us passersby flocked, swarmed; in masses. and masses >>> will congregate, will stare; stare in astonishment, stare in smiles, in watering eyes. and you; you pace back and forth out of your element; out of your mind; how do i ever get out of here… how do i get to where i am supposed to be… how does one un-lose themselves. you spit and panick for air; suddenly, in the thick of it, in the mi(d)st of it, rainbows appear. ///// its hard to see the beauty that resides in becoming lost. but the others; they see it clearly.
see rainbows rising.

JUNE 20 /// 2011

woke up to a bad dream; was bright white morning.
was told i should write these things down; it’s vital to the elephant race inside you.
an old, discarded remnant of paper fell out as i grasped to hold the imagery; was stark-dark on the page.
“its okay…
just let yrself shatter”; was all it read.