James Holden performed last night here in New York, at Le Poisson Rouge. I strongly urge all to take in his music. And, if you are ever lucky enough that he is playing anywhere near you…. make certain you go out of your way to attend! The two of them were equal to an eight-piece of enveloping, epic brilliance. Can’t express it enough. It was bangin’

Same goes for any event at this venue. Absolutely in love with their sound system, as well as experimentalism in music they support.

Have to say, while mentioning inspiring stuff that keeps the youthful intrigue amidst, Sacred Bones label is a beasty monstertruck… just keeps getting better and better. Support them! Their artists and shows just aren’t slowing down here! Both the Föllakzoid record-release show, as well as the Pharmakon, Prurient, Uniform, Marshstepper, Merzbow show re-instilled in me such excitement for music and artistic creativity.

Today’s inspirations from the skull meanderings.