Hello from the hiding hole’

We keep avoiding the blogland. Ooooo==pps.

Here’s a few Ghastly things:

We are now looking for a new label to release our newest full-length album. It will be titled “Lulling Skulls”.

We finished the record in its entirety last August… mastering and all. Magic Bullet and Ghastly unfortunately ventured along different paths. We hoped the album would have released by now obviously.

So, in the current moments, we are in a limbo-searching phase. Hoping to find a solid home.

Please check out a few of our newest tracks from “Lulling Skulls” here at our SOUNDCLOUD. Listen to em over and over, let em seep into your skull-walls a bit! Spread the word and the tunes as much as ya can.

If anyone has help to offer / wants to get peeps in touch with us directly, feel free to write us… theghastlycitysleep@gmail.com

Here’s a few flyer designs from some of our most recently played New York shows for those you who were nowhere close.

1420840415158 BlackBearShow GCS_April2015_Flyer Mercury-Web_Vers02_SquareMercury-Web_SquareNegaHearts to all ah you!

Bee / Ghastly City Sleep.