Happy Holidays and grandly suchnesses to all. The year 2014 is pretty much beyond the idea of future in every sense. Never knew things could get that far.

We are stoked to be starting this new year off right! Playing a show in the early yawnings… January 11th at PIANOS in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

We are elated to have been asked to perform as part of Knife Thrower’s Assistance(‘s) month long Pianos Residency. Thank you, Heidi. In addition, Matt will be dancin’ the double dutch… he plays with dear friends Bunny Punch.

Been listening to Depeche Mode and The Everly Brothers on absurd repeat these holiday days. Pretty sure that’s a concoction to keep Eggnog on its toes…

Please please, Bring your weird heads out, should be a rattlesnake. When is a Saturday evening on that lower strip not