Lulling Screen

Hey everyone’

Nerve twitches, nerve nerve nerves & neural witches. We are going in next weekend to begin the recording process towards our future full-length album. We have been whittlin down the drum sections quite meticulously these weeks. Can’t wait to bring this into fruition.

As you probably know, we have also been working hard on other Ghastly arts as well as writing… offering you one-of-a-kind pieces of art and goods as a means to help us raise fundings for this upcoming recording. We have been attempting to raise around $1,200 for this first weekend. And, we must proudly say, it has been going quite amazingly well. We still have a ways to go, but your love and support has chipped that burden meltingly away. Thank you ya big lovely idiotheads… we wanna squeeze you.

Earlier this week Matt posted 2 more handmade copper etched bracelets for those good arms of yours. Please check them out. He has been slamming these beauties out lately… getting more and more “devil’s in the details” by the months.

I have also been working along with Yeliz Secerli in designing a limited edition run of “SONG TITLE” tote bags. We have printed, along with the to-die-for help of Michael Davis, a run of 100 bags. They are available in either black or white, and flaunt one of Ghastly’s new songs on the backs. We have printed 5 different titles:

“Bent, Clumsy 1, Lulling, Moonless, & Witchery”

Stark and goth and yesyes… These totes are available in either black or white, and are each a bit different & one-of-a-kind. As the numbers break down, there are only a handful of each idea. We are super stoked on all of the pieces we have created for this Art Fair Fundraiser so far. Hoping this next album will be far more melting on an ear brain emotional wave level experience.

Blur Bag     Bag PilesGhastly Bag

ohhhhh we also would love to begin playing some shows again soon. Please get in touch with us.

Please visit our bandcamp site & help support our artistic endeavors:

Big Dumb Dark Red Hearts

Brandon / Ghastly.