Perhaps sooty chimney people creeped down your sleeping houses, and then we entered the year of thirteen, entered the year of the floor to skip. I hope terrifically we get our album out this year… will be perfectly appropriate.

Here’s a pieced-together video for you to work yourself giddy over and come to the brilliant conclusion, “it would be stellar to help Ghastly continue making art.” The video abstractly encapsulates the printing of the posters and candles we are offering for fundraising, as well as random footage from our last tour.

We need help and support from you amazing people. We are far adrift from raising an initial amount of money to begin recording. It’s looking like we will have to hold our horses a bit longer. We are terribly eager to get things in motion however.

Until then, we are still alive and awaiting the return of the horseback Mayaliens, or the upcoming rapture… whichever is to come first.

Please visit our bandcamp and spread the word to help:

Additionally, you can help by visiting Matt’s Etsy store. He will give a bit of sales from his site to aid us as well:

Hearts>>> brandon & ghastlies.