Well now. Here is installment no. 2

We have witched together a waxy batch of the Ghastly Fox design over the cauldron and injected the spirit world into em’. We are selling Ghastly candles for a short period to help towards raising over $1,000. This will begin the recording process for Ghastly’s future next album. We are offering 1 for $15. For donations of $30 or more… we will send a candle for every $10. So, we would send 3 for $30, 4 for $40, etc. Please understand, we are trying to be creative and offer our fans and friends something unique and personal from us in return for offering your love and support and funds to help us continue. This is a new, unchartered thing for us. Please send any donations you can if you have the potential. That support is felt in more than just dollars, you have NO idea! Go here, to our bandcamp site, to see more:


The Silk-screened poster is still available for donations as well.

We will have another installment soon; a week or two. These won’t be up long, so come along.