. Printing limited Ghastly silk-screened posters to raise recording money .

Hello all.

Here is the newest of newsies. We are planning on recording new material… therefore, we are starting our own Ghastly Art Fair FUNDRAISER.

Here is what we are raising money towards:

We have plans to begin recording 5 songs in early January. This material will construct half of our next album. We are booking 2 days in the studio to record drums and some basics. These dates will cost us a total of $1,100. This $1,100 is the immediate sum we are hoping to raise in order to begin tackling this album.

So from there, Ghastly Art Fair:

We will be posting a mini-series of handmade Ghastly artwork for sale with hopes to raise funding towards our gigantic goals.

Our first installment is a Limited Edition hand silk-screened Ghastly poster. These will be limited to a run of 20. I have posted a few pics of one I printed previously.  We are asking for a donation of $40 or more for one of these prints. Unfortunately, it won’t come with a frame, that is mine.  The size is 22″ x 30″. I am also willing to print a smaller, alternate design version using the same screens at about 15″ x 22″.  Here is a link to buy and support us in this cause:


This is our Bandcamp site.  Your help and support will be received with no strings attached. We will keep everyone linked in on the generosity and donations.

Please come together with us and offer your appreciation and support of our artistic expressions and dreams. We will post our next installments about every other week. We are forever adoring of all your hearts.

Palpitations>>>>> Brandon. /// Ghastlies.

. Me holding limited Ghastly poster .