Hello you. lil ol you.

As everyone I am sure knows, Hurricane Sandy came ah howling last week with more destruction than some could have ever foreseen. I would first and foremost like to say that all the Ghastlies are very safe and sound, both our bodies and our posessions. We were extremely lucky.

Sadly, we have been surrounded by many horror stories. A small, half-a-block distance saved our practice space, along with all of our gear, from flooding. Our friends on the other side of the building heartbrokenly suffered greatly. Additionally, our dear friends at Translator Audio, the brilliance that recorded Moondrifts and Lunic Driftwood, lost everything. They opened only months ago after building out a brand new space, 2 recording studios and 13 practice rooms. The entire building and all gear was drowned and destroyed. Our hearts go out to them.

I, personally, have lost my job at Stumptown coffee…  yesterday. The roastery was crushed. We have been doing quite gross clean up since the hurricane to salvage what we could. Red Hook still has no power. There’s constant pumping of water from basements by generators all day long. Leaking gas fills the outdoor air and the remains of people’s entire homes grow in piles across the sidewalk edges. I have just dropped off some foods to help those affected in the Rockaways. These are just a couple tiny instances in the grand scheme. I am sure many have heard. Please, send your help to where and what you can. I am quite thrown off by the whole of it for now.

Ghastly is hoping to make some strides in beginning a new album. I will post this coming week about a few ways, and things we will be making, for people to hopefully come together, show their love and appreciation, and help kick up the dirt. Stir the cauldren a trifle.

A bit of a fund raising Ghastly art gallery. More details to come…

Make your passions and appreciations apparent in the world. Hearts to you all.

Brandon. / Ghastlies.