Yeah yeah…

Writing something every half a year,  well that’s a trifle anti-social ya might say.

Here i go though, and i will pretend to promise and be better at sharing the living room, keeping the curtains and blinds pulled, open wide for window peerings, peek & spys, make your tail feel cuddlingly at home with us, doors unlocked, unhinged, cozy under our covers.

We consciously stopped playing shows back in the fall. November 5th with Pygmy Lush here in Brooklyn was our last show. We made the decision to first take a holiday break, and then to try to focus in on writing new material for another full-length album. Honestly, it lasted quite a bit longer than predicted… that so-called break. Beginning the writing process has been slightly, soul-suckingly tricky in the early part of 2012. However, much hard, self-deprecating work has undergone since then. We are finally feeling that album is starting to take beautiful form . I can see it in its raw and skeletal form emerging. And I’m sure anyone who knows me can attest, I rarely say this, but I do feel it’s grown and feels to be some of our best material by leaps and bounds. At least, it holds that powerful potential, like toe-sucking black tadpoles in a cold spring-water hole. We are growing in excitement.

It’s also exciting to say Alan Siegler has come back as a member of GHASTLY in writing this new material. We’ve been scratching thru dozens of different ways to play a single song. Chicken scratching notes and photographing knobs to try to hold on to looped out sessions of insanity.

We still have a ridiculous ways to go, but it’s end is coming closer to sight. We are edging in on the needs of outer help to bring a new album to fruition.

If anyone shares interest in getting our souls and heads support in putting our art out to the world, feel free to reach out to us. We would like to begin amping up in dialogue towards its recording and release… monies, labels, loves, pr, friendship, thoughts, any and everything.

GHASTLY will begin playing shows again, almost a year later from the last; longest break we have taken as a band yet. October 2nd we play at ST. VITUS with The Summer Pledge. They are touring for two weeks on their new release, Vessels. We are planning to play some new gems of tunes. Goals at minimum’

the shadows are stretching and casting with burning fierceness.

Big hearts….  I’ll try to keep us more social again.