Phillip Glass’s Glassworks & Kid Koala’s Space Cadet on repeat. All piano and passing days.

Winter hasn’t frozen everything away. It’s the year 12. A couple as one. Two separate one’s together making two. Both one and two simultaneously. 12. It is a number I have become obsessed with.

Blu is bleeding. hemorrhaging. It’s bad. Blu is our van. He’s an old stuttering man with pizzaz and style. If you have seen our band, you have seen the old man. Wish him kisses. He may be dying. Hell, who am I kidding. He has been on extremely expensive life-support for some time now.

For those who live in Philly, I was commissioned to write music for another modern dance piece. C.B. worked on this with me. There will be a showing of the piece-in-progress coming up on both Saturday, Feb. 18th & Sunday, Feb. 19th at 8 pm. Location is CEC Meetinghouse Theatre. 3500 Lancaster Ave. The music is titled “PUDGEK”.

GHASTLY has begun the writing process, trying to hash out another new album. Scheduling and focus have been hard, but ideas are stellarly strong. It’s even more official and obvious though, we need to be abducted as a whole by GodBlessed Aliens and transported to some open, sunlit land and space to get things moving with fluidity and ease. We hope to have a full-length written and recorded this year. We would also like to go to Europe and Asia and then downtime in Africa. But, we will see. If not, I hope to see you on the moon. I’ll be the one with my head buried in Moonsoil.

Sorry I guess I never really kept up with blogging. Didn’t really get the rules memo… the part where you post things often… or PERIOD. new winter leaves???

hearts. //
brandon. ///////