so i guess we have kept ourselves buried and sunken in a hole again; maybe not so stellar in the social outer realm; but obviously necessary. some things are hard to swallow. it’s been some difficult and confusing times since we returned from tour last November. winter froze in a denser ice than usual and killed everything this year; paving its future furrowed paths.

well then, we have a lot to let out into the world. where to begin when one stays quiet and mute for so long?……


1. we will be touring this summer; full U.S. 6 week tour; yes, again; and yes yes, we are goddam crazy in the heads; JULY 8th – AUGUST 16th. and yes yes yes, we yearn to see yer beautiful, inspiring faces again. we so need it; and secretly hope you do just the same.

2. we will be releasing a new album this summer, officially july 5th; vinyl L.P. of 6 songs; yes, again; titled LUNIC DRIFTWOOD: REMNANTS & REMIXES OF MOONDRIFTS. it consists of 3 songs leftover from the MOONDRIFTS studio sessions and 3 remixes of songs from MOONDRIFTS. this will be released by the BLUE SKY WRITINGS label outta Phoenix, AZ. thank u stupidly matt. and digitally thru Mecca Lecca (thank u jonny) and us at our website ””’ please support directly.

3. we will be touring with yet another drummer this round; YES, again; his name is Evan Mitchell; this is, obviously, an intensely sad and brilliantly uplifting thing simultaneously; such is life. pat and ryan>>>> i miss the hell out of both of you! /// evan>>>> you are beautiful and thank you.

4. please, please come out. who knows in this fragile world when or where or if there will ever be a next time. and i mean it, no matter how dark or down that could come across.

5. we appreciate all the endearing help we have received thus far in booking this beast… i will post below the tour dates and towns. we still have about 2 weeks worth of shows to pull together; not shabby for a bunch ah lil-skinny-idiots on their own in this vicious world.  so, any help on these hole-y dates wins you sweetcakes, drinks, laughs, touches, or whatever yer dumb lil hearts desire outta love.

:::LUNIC | U.S. TOUR:::


08 . brooklyn, ny : coco 66
09 . d.c. : tba
10 . pittsburgh, pa : gooski’s
11 . sandusky, oh : bottom floor of cheap seats
12 . detroit, mi : the lager house
13 . chicago, il : treasure town
14 . milwaulkee, wi : @ hotel foster ///
underwear bike ride after party
15 . chicago : Day Off
16 . st. louis, MO : Lemp Arts
17 . lincoln, nb : mad ave.
18 . denver, co : warehouse / 1436 Tremont Pl.
19 . denver, co : 3 kings
20 . salt lake city, ut : Bar Deluxe 666
21 . boise, id : visual arts collective
22 . missoula, mt : zoo city apparel
23 . seattle, wa : the funhouse
24 . seattle, wa : Day Off
25 . portland, or : Saratoga
26 . fortuna, ca : the barn
27 . san jose, ca : texas toast house
28 . san francisco, ca : NEED HELP
29 . oakland / bay area, ca : Eli’s Mile High Club
30 . santa rosa, ca : arlene francis theatre
31 . la, ca : the blvd.


01 . riverside, ca : division 9 art gallery
02 . san diego, ca : the soda bar
03 . phoenix, az : the icehouse
04 . albequerque, nm : amped performance theatre
05 . oklahoma, ok : the soundpony
06 . austin, tx : skinny’s ballroom
07 . baton rouge, la : perkins parlor with THOU
08 . new orleans, la : nowe miasto with THOU
09 . birmingham, al : spring street fire house
10 . tampa, fl : the orpheum
11 . day off
12 . gainesville, fl : the atlantic
13 . athens, ga : farm 255
14 . columbia, sc : conundrum music hall
15 . norfolk, va : Colley Cantina
16 . richmond, va : gallery 5 (pre-best friends day show)
22 . brooklyn, ny : piano’s

August 19th>>> PG. 99 plays a reunion show for best friends day 10th year anniversary. >>> yupp; it’s a crazy summer. man i haven’t done a summer tour like this since classical music was the future.

this is our first blog to pull ourselves outta our rooms again. we hope to start keeping things popping up here, like all the terrible tippers in williamsburg and all the newest of brilliant wall defacements and river sittings, sun-settings, moon-risings and mind bulbings and whatever else our worlds throw us to. but then again, we’ll see. at very least we hope to see you on this trip. that is all for now. oh, and that picture is our new album cover….////